Submitted by Lysle Gathany


Calculator Class No.  3
May, 1958

Front Row: Doug Angwin (Instructor), tbi, tbi, tbi, tbi, Lysle Gathany (Syracuse, NY),  Carroll Veach (San Jose, CA).

Second Row: Paul Harrison (Columbus, Ohio), tbi, tbi, tbi, tbi, ran Faulhaber (Buffalo, NY).

Back Row: Lamar (Mike) Magers (Columbus, Ohio) tbi, tbi, Pete Buckingham (Des Moines, IA)

tbi = To Be Identified. I could use some help here, guys!



How in the world am I going to get this thing back together?

Many students came back to the classroom, after hours, to study what they had learned earlier in the day. (You can tell that it's an evening shot, because Lyle's not wearing his tie.)

 Here, Lysle is scratching his head over the complexities of the Friden STW calculator. But don't worry, he gets it back together before the end of the class.


Each class was followed by a dinner with all the trimmings, including after dinner speeches, programs, and presentation of diplomas.


Here, we see the cover of Lysle's personalized graduation program. Below is the inside, listing all of the participants of the evening and, of course, the students from each of the classes.


Model SVE Calculator
Model SPD Flexowriter
Model ATP Tape Punch
Model STRAD Tape Reader



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